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Many years in the safety, training, and technology business has led us to where we are today.

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About Us

ProsperLMS is not your typical Learning Management System...

Our Story

Since 2006, ProsperLMS (ABCS Safety Training Inc.) has led by providing Innovation to the safety training industry. We strive to provide continuous improvement through all of our products and services.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to provide our customers with a cost-effective solution to their training needs. Whether it be by providing on-site classroom instructors, designing the latest and greatest eLearning or blended learning programs or by providing you with a comprehensive advanced learning management platform that adapts with your company and industry into the future. ProsperLMS will deliver on its goal to keep our pricing within your budget.

Our Philosophy

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Clyde Whalen
Clyde Whalen Director

Our Experience

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Database Design
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Our Team

We are extremely proud to have many dedicated and talented employees work for ProsperLMS.

Dave Buckley

David Buckley


10 years with the company.

Yasir Ahmadi

Yasir Ahmadi


4 years with the company.

Kayce Cooper

Kayce Cooper


2 years with the company.

Passion leads to purpose, purpose leads to productivity,
productivity leads to prosperity! Brett McCumber, IT Manager / Director

Our Services

Here are just a few of the many services and systems ProsperLMS has to offer.

Scheduling System

Custom events and shortcuts. Schedule your staff, clients, customers and vendors. Multiple calendars, sites, locations and station bookings. This system will meet your needs.

Instructor Management

Digital check-in lists, Instructor Scheduling and Audit Reports. Manage your instructors' credentials, paperwork, infractions and more.

Proctoring System

Turn on proctoring for any course in the system. Proctoring can be extremely beneficial for eLearning safety related programs.

Classroom Management

Manage your students' bookings, digital class lists, forms and paperwork. Securely share digital documents with others.

Course Development

Whether you need an eLearning-based company orientation or want to convert a classroom training course to a blended learning program, we have you covered.

Custom Content

Don't worry, if any of our built-in systems / modules need a little tweaking to meet your needs, we will make it happen.


Demo the Hazard Assesment Process course today. Let us know what you think.

Our Latest Work

Contact us today to see how quickly and easily we will help you move forward with your projects.

Work 1
Fall Protection eLearning
Work 2
Confined Space Entry & Monitor eLearning
Work 3
Hazard Assessment Process eLearning
Work 4
H2S and SO2 eLearning
Work 5
Rigging and OHC Operations eLearning
Work 6
Rigging and Signalling for Cranes eLearning
Work 7
Signalling for Crane Operations eLearning
Work 8
Blended Learning Programs Blended Learning

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